Supplying spare parts and raw materials for industrial units

Supplying quality original spare parts is an effective factor in proper operations, reducing of defects, and repetitive repairing of machinery. Regarding the inappropriate conditions of spare part markets and existence of counterfeit materials with bad quality, quality control, and technical approval of the required components as well as the need for supplying them from certain resources are of considerable importance and necessary.
On the other hand, shortage of parts from some well-known manufacturers and old components in the market often leads to lack of supplying the required material or supplying components with apparent similarities.
Finding precise equivalents of components from different brands requires specialized work and spending much time for studying the specifications and technical parameters of components, to be ensured about their functionalities before purchasing them and installing them on the required system.
By engaging experienced workforce, this company is ready to undertake some or all the process of procuring spare parts of different industrial units.


Supplying the required raw materials of different industries is another important process that industrious people are confronting with.
By its active offices in China, Hong Kong, and Sweden, RAYA TEJARAT ESPADANA Engineering Co. is ready to do necessary actions in purchasing the required materials according to the customers’ requests, based on the following procedure:

  • Primary studies, investigations and analyzing purchasing information
  • Identifying suitable vendors, regarding the quality, price, and purchasing conditions of the materials
  • Arranging different inquiries about materials according to the types, manufacturing country, and applications
  • Technical consultation with the demanding body about the final selection of materials based on the inquiries
  • Obtaining the required pro forma
  • Arranging and finalizing the purchasing contracts according to international trade standards
  • Quality inspection in the production location and in different intervals, if necessary
  • Supervising transportation and releasing of materials up to delivery of them in the consuming place